Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 6 2011/ Swimming in the Ocean is Free perfect for us BROKE people

Today, me and Kate decided to go for a swim in the ocean. Despite the fact that we are poor and don't have really two dimes to rub together, we still live in a semi-nice apartment right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean. Our land lord is wicked cool, we are about three weeks behind on rent (we pay weekly) and he is very understanding. Okay, moving on.

Swimming on the ocean is not only FREE and FUN, but it is also very good for your health in more ways than one. After researching the topic, I was amazed at all the good things that come from taking a dip in the sometimes overwhelmingly salty and cold water. After getting over the initial sting of the cold water, go outward a little and let your body ride over the waves. Feel the crest sweep your body towards land and experience the sensation of the sun washing over your skin. Below are some benefits of swimming in the ocean;

1. By being in the salt, you are helping your body get rid of unwanted toxins
2. When you are swimming in the ocean, without even realizing it, your body is being nurtured by the sun and helping it to produce vitamin C.
3. Sunlight and salt water combined help to heal your skin and hair
4. By being in such a natural environment and naturally enjoying yourself, you are de-stressing and it also helps you sleep better at night ( YAY FREE beauty sleep)
5. It's great exercise, you burn calories and don't really even feel like you're doing much to do so.

It was a lot of fun, needless to say, and we also made a few new friends who were out their swimming with us. We tried to ride some waves into shore, and were mostly unsuccessful, but still, it was like being a kid again. You usually see adults in their beach chairs trying to get the ultimate tan or tending to one of the younger of their big brood, or reading a book. Everyone see's "these" adults when they go to the beach. And then you see "us", the adults who are riding the waves on a boogey board or surf board, or with just their body (since we are broke) this is the route we took. "We" are the adults without the children, who have left their books at home and are just trying to enjoy the day, for FREE!!!! Tomorrow, we will try something different.

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