Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Animals have fleas but I am not a Millionaire, what should I do?

Hello All,

I know it has been a hot minute since I have last posted something and to be completely honest with you it is because I have a hit a brick wall. Now, you might be asking yourself, but Jessica, you are only two posts in, how can you have hit a brick wall? And, you have a good point. I just feel like my idea for this blog was such a crucial point in my quest for financial freedom that I almost felt like my blog should look and be more awesome that it is.
In saying this, I fail to realize that not everyone can be good at the blogging game and it takes some many many moons to make their blogs look freagin awesome. So, with that said, even though my blog isn't off the chain with its graphics and titles, I still have a lot of good ideas and good ways to save money here in the Grand Strand.


I have four animals, three cats and one dog. Before moving to the beach it seemed like fleas were just non-existent in our lives. My animals have always come first but after initially medicating them with the flea medication revolution, which costs almost $90 at, we never had to deal with it, for two years not one flea.

Fast forward, Myrtle Beach summer 2011: It has been a flea freaking nightmare since we arrived. All four of my furry family members (indoor as well as outdoor cats) and Boohbah (my dog) were infested from head to toe. It would have cost us for just out cats, $70 for a two month supply and another $70 for the Boob (don't make fun of his name, it's not his fault). With only me working and paying all the bills that was just an impossible feat. So with a little research on Kate's part we found a perfect solution.

The patent on Frontline ran out earlier this year, meaning anyone can copy cat the medicine and sell it for cheaper, which is what Wal-mart did. (THANK YOU WAL-MART). The awesomeness does not end here. Their version of frontline is called PetArmour Plus and for my cats it now only costs $28 for a one month supply and for my dog another $28 for a three month supply. Still, the awesomeness is not over. Instead of spending close to $60 bucks, to just go back and do it again next month we learned this great trick. Buy the largest dose possible and break it down into smaller doses for your furry friends (this is safe bytheway, so don't get all bent out of shape) and save EVEN MORE. I bought the dose for a 130lb dog, a three month supply worth and broke it up into four doses, one for each animal. Now, all I have to spend to keep them safe is $28 every three months.

We went from having to spend $140 every month for four animals, to spending $56 every month, to spending $28 every month. Our animals are just as healthy now as when were spending seven times as much. It is scientifically proven to work and it has worked miracles on my wallet and on my animals. Below I will break down the dosage for you and then I will also include some links for you to go to, to buy this new fabulous medicine called PetArmour.

Dogs 0-22 lbs .67 ml

Dogs 23-44 lbs 1.38 ml

Dogs 45-88 lbs 2.68 ml

Cats of all weights .50 ml

Visit this website for just a little bit more info on the whole deal:

Visit: in order to buy PetArmour plus and to also read a little bit about this miracle happen stance, or visit your local WAL-MART to purchase it live and in the flesh.

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